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How can you tell if a SKF Bearing is real?

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Brand protection | SKFThe products are packed in counterfeit packages and marketed as genuine products. may not be able to tell the difference between a real SKF bearing and a fake, the Our experts can help you determine if your SKF products are genuine

Counterfeit SKF Bearings | Consumer AlertDon't be deceived by a fake, check The Counterfeit Report® before you buy. If you get your SKF bearings or other products through unauthorized distributors, Could you identify the difference between authentic and fake SKF packaging?Fake Bearings and Bearing Identification – John's MotorcycleSo it becomes very difficult for Joe public to tell the difference and most In February 2017a haul of counterfeit SKF bearings were seized in a West Yorkshire raid. when purchasing bearings is to ensure they are genuine and not counterfeit, 

How can you tell if a SKF Bearing is real?
  P H D d B C T a
FT-2900R - - 290 mm 200 mm 130 mm 100 mm - -
6006/6007/6008/6009/6010/6011-2z/C3 - 212 mm - - - - - -
6316/C3 - - - - - - - -
MH-48A6J - - 140,03 mm 63,5 mm 33,236 mm 23,52 mm 36,512 mm 7,9 mm
FT-8900 - - 90 mm 70 mm 10 mm - - -
7312 - - - 23.81 mm - - - -
7003, 300 mm - - - 65.1 mm 52.5 kN - -
(7204 - - 49.22 mm - - 14.29 mm - -

Bogus Bearings Look More Real Than the Real OnesApr 10, 2007 — But upon closer inspection, SKF engineers determined that the bearing was indeed a genuine SKF product manufactured in France. Despite its 

Where are your bearings coming from? - Waikato BearingsIf you get your SKF bearings or other products through appears identical to the real thing. counterfeit products, it is very difficult for most people to tell a real Bearing Witness – Ten industry tips on how to avoidDec 21, 2017 — You know the product is genuine and the related warranty is SKF all my life' – they would not be able to tell the difference,” Tharp says

How can you tell if a SKF Bearing is real?
Yat 205 Bearing SKF 7205 Bearing Lglt 2 Bearing
FT-8900R 7005,71901,7205,71804,71903,7020,7224.  
FT-1907R 7200 2/1
FT-2900R 7205 2/1
MH-48A6J 7209 2/1
FT-8900 7312 2/1,
62 7003, 7008
205 (7204 -
205 7001 -
204 - -

How can you tell if your bearings are counterfeit? - InsightNov 6, 2019 — If we think of counterfeit products, we often think high quantities at low prices, It is still important to remember that prices too good to be true can be just that; Using apps such as NSK Verify (for precision bearings) and SKF - Motion IndustriesCounterfeit bearings can end up costing you money in repairs and machine malfunctions. One way to do it is to check the part number. Lastly, understand that if the price of a bearing is too good to be true, then it's probably a fake. Count On: Garlock Bearing Isolators · MiHow2 - SKF - TLMP Series Multipoint Lubricator 

SKF Authenticate - Apps on Google PlayThe SKF Authenticate app guides the user on how to verify the authenticity of SKF products. There are two main functionalities in the app: - Clear instructions on Warning: Counterfeit/B Grade SKF and NTN bearingsApr 8, 2020 — It would be difficult for an end user to be able to tell the difference without some The fake is on the right Two SKF bearings, the genuine bearing is on the right The fake bearing, when measured had excessive clearance

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